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What is an AVA Home?

AVA Modular Home Corp. is a prefabricated house builder located in Vancouver.

An AVA Home is an energy efficient, thoughtfully designed modular home built in a factory setting using CLT. Once completed, AVA is transported and assembled on site. Through collaboration with our architect, engineers and energy advisor, our mission at AVA has always been to build minimalistic, sustainable modular homes accessible everywhere and to everyone.

Depending on your size needs and customizations, AVA comes in 4 simple configurations ranging from 400 square to 1600 square feet; however, we are also able to build custom homes up to 4000 square feet by request.

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Quality Life for You and Your Family


While designing and building AVA, our highest priorities were a sustainable, energy-efficient, long-lasting home that minimizes waste. This means ensuring a structure and building envelope that withstands all weather conditions and provides thermal comfort to those living in it year-round.

An energy efficient home built with the highest quality materials also means less maintenance and repairs short-term and long-term. Whether you are planning to live in an AVA, use it as secondary dwelling or as a rental property, we design and build an AVA home to last for generations. This mean AVA can pass down to family members or add value to your property.

Net Zero Ready

All AVA homes are Net Zero Ready once complete. This means an efficient and easy process for the homeowner once they are ready and able to pursue a Net Zero Energy home.

Health Comes First

Increasing a home’s fresh air supply reduces moisture, improves air quality, and increases respiratory health. With the help of the Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system, AVA allows the flow of clean, filtered air free of bacteria and debris.

Low Maintenance and Built to Last

We know homeowners have to always be aware of long-term maintenance and repair costs. That’s why when designing AVA, we chose the best materials and technology that will go the distance for the owner without any headache.

Thermally Comfortable

The structure of every AVA home is fully wrapped with insulation to avoid thermal bridges. We use triple glazed, high performance windows on all AVA homes to ensure you feel thermally comfortable year-round regardless of outside temperatures.

Custom Built for You

We design AVA in a way that you have a say in the finishes, fixtures and floorplan. After all, it is your home, and we want you to be part of the design process.

Simple Design

AVA’s simplistic design helps achieve a spaciousness home that maximizes available space and makes the best of natural light. A more open home means less clutter, less waste of space, less upkeep and less stress for its occupants.

Environmentally Friendly

We aim to reduce the impacts of Green House Gases (GHG) with our airtight design which lets the home keep warm without the need of extra heating. We also utilizing wood as much as possible to reduce GHG emissions resulting from the production of other building materials.

Quality Life for You and Your Family

Your Dream Home Awaits You

A generous layout with high ceilings, an added bedroom and light filled indoor space. The ideal size for a small family or those downsizing from bigger homes. Model 2 is the compact option with two 400 square feet units sitting on top of each other; therefore, resulting in smaller footprint while providing double the living space. Model 2 offers 2 bedrooms, a full bathroom upstairs, a half bathroom downstairs, a spacious Kitchen, dining room and living area.

A simplified guesthouse or even the minimalistic home of your dreams. Model 1 is our only fully, factory-built model transported to your site and ready to become your new home within a few days. The 400 square feet Model 1 is the perfect back lane home or a secondary dwelling that serves as a short-term rental as well as accommodates guests or family.
A model that welcomes big families like a traditional home, but with a simplistic and contemporary touch. At 1600 square feet, you have a master bedroom plus two additional bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and living area to welcome and entertain your guests as well 2.5 bathrooms.
A top floor patio space for those long summer nights and an ample interior space to get cozy in the winters. A home for entertaining the guests and family. The options for model 3 are more plentiful as there’s a lot more flexibility with the floor plan. Model 3 is custom made to your needs. The biggest highlight of this model is the upstairs patio space which can enclose and stay heated for even winter use.
Living in the Best Neighborhood of Your Choice

Where is AVA?

We build these beautiful homes in Squamish, British Columbia. Once completed, we transport them to their new owner. We are able to ship to all Western Canada and can ship across Canada if requested.

Houses You Can Trust

Our design team consists of a BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) board of director with a focus on ensuring an energy efficient modular home.

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