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This was the main and first question that our founder first asked himself. When designing AVA, we considered all the extreme conditions in North America such as earthquakes, wind, snow loads. We also ensured AVA meets all local building codes.


In most cases your AVA home is actually over designed for your local building codes and standards. We are also here to help you and talk to your local building inspectors to educate and inform them about AVA while answering any questions they may have.

AVA can be purchased and placed in any urban or rural residential areas like any other home. It can be used as a back lane home, recreational homes, low income housing, senior homes, row housing, community housing, etc. 

Yes. Only the Model 1 full factory-built option is able to be transported; however, there is a high cost associated with transportation and crane when it comes to moving your AVA unit. 

Our units should last indefinitely because of the way they are designed and constructed. AVA is built with metal siding and a metal roof; therefore, there will be a lifespan of 40 to 70 years for these components that need to be maintained or replaced. Other than this, we have insulated our building from the outside in. This simply means that the temperature for your structure does not fluctuate in the summer or winter time; therefore preventing expansion and/or contraction on your AVA structure which means that your AVA unit will last indefinitely.

Sustainability and reducing construction waste has been deeply considered when designing AVA and sustainability is a major priority of ours when designing and building AVA. By building AVA in a factory setting, we minimize our construction waste by nearly 20% compared to an average on site construction project home. Besides reducing construction waste, AVA is designed to last forever. This means that it can be sold or passed onto future generations; therefore, taking away the cost of building a new home.

Some of the major reasons that make Modular, indoor built homes more attractive compared to traditional on site construction of homes are:

  • More Sustainable
  • Faster construction
  • Faster Permitting period
  • Better Quality control due to being built in a focused factory setting
  • Longer life span for your home
  • Minimized maintenance and up keeps


A healthier, more comfortable modular home that also saves costs on energy is our goal and this can have significant positive impacts on respiratory and immune system stress. AVA is fully insulated from the outside. This means your roof, floor and walls have no insulation in them. Instead, insulation starts at the most outer edge of your walls, roof and floor and extends outwards. With this system your home’s temperature does not fluctuate like conventional construction. Heat recovery ventilation is also a system we will implement to circulate air, while removing allergens, therefore contributing to improved air quality and fewer toxins and dust in the air.  Our modular homes will have a significant reduction of drafts, cold spots, and temperature variance between rooms and this is the result of paying attention to the home’s air tightness and ventilation. Additionally, triple-paned, energy efficient windows are used to offer superior insulation, air tightness and sound reduction from the outside environments. AVA was designed with all extremes in mind so it is suitable for all kinds of climate in North America from severe cold temperatures of Alaska to the hotter climates like Arizona. Depending on where you are, we can construct your unit to your climate.

AVA is capable of reaching  passive house or net zero house standards. The limit on energy  efficiency is decided by you during the design stage of your AVA unit. Every AVA unit will be energy modeled and airtightness tested. The test results will be shared with you in case you need it for your final sign off stage from your local municipality. HRV (heat recovery ventilation), full exterior insulation and triple glazed windows are standard options on all our units. On top of all of this, AVA can be modified to extreme climates if necessary.

AVA Homes are built in Squamish, BC.

Just like any other home, we can connect the sewer, water and electricity from the bottom of your unit. This can be changed and modified based on your requirements for the site.

There are a few different options for your foundation. Once we get more info and a soil report about your site, our engineering team will provide you with your options that will suit your current and future needs.

Some options for foundations are slab on grade, concrete footing and perimeter footing.

AVA can be built from 400 sq ft and is expandable by design. Feel free to contact us to discuss bigger options.

AVA will include solar ready renewable energy designs, such as the inclusion of rooftop solar panels. These options can be discussed during the design process.

For sure, if needed, we can discuss off grid options and design it to your needs such as solar panels, wood stove as well as propane heating and cooking.


Every city can be different as far as your local building codes go; however, AVA is designed in a way to meet and exceed those codes. Most likely, modular homes may be very new to your local building inspector, but we are here to help with this process as much as possible. We can get in touch with your local government and answer their questions about AVA.

This depends on our work load, your customizations, and getting the building permits for your site. Assuming everything goes as planned, we are able to deliver your AVA unit as early as 6 months to your site.

Financing can be done like a normal home. Although your bank might not be familiar with prefabricated or modular homes, they can get in touch with us if they have any questions. All of our units will  have an engineer and architect sign off on the design and build. There are also other options for financing, such as second mortgages or home line of credit.

Of course! Our starting price comes with high quality appliances and finishes; however, if you have specific brands or finishing in mind, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

Basically everything that comes with a new home would come with a new modular home as well.  All appliances (washer, dryer, fridge, freezer, range, hood and microwave ) kitchen cabinets, heating and ventilation, shower, etc will be included in the starting price.

Definitely! Our goal is for you to be happy in your AVA home for many years to come. We can fully customize it for you and your family, there is an added cost associated with this service. This will be discussed with you at your consultation meeting.

  • Your AVA home’s structure would have a lifetime warranty from us.
  • 2 years mechanical systems warranty (plumbing, heating and ventilation)
  • 2 years electrical warranty
  • 1 year workmanship warranty, such as sidings, doors, window, appliances, cabinets, carpentry.

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch with us.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.